She Can’t Wait

We were sitting at the table eating dinner last night, and after I was finished driving Kaitlyn crazy for a few minutes, the conversation shifted over to one about school starting this coming Monday.  I am not sure how many other parents of kids Kaitlyn’s age get the same response, but she was extremely excited that school is starting.  In fact, she said that she could not wait for school to start.

From almost her very first day of kindergarten, Kaitlyn has loved going to school.  She fights with us when those rare occasions come up where she is too sick to go to school because she does not want to miss a thing.  She has absolutely loved each of the teachers that she has had so far,  and I think that is in large part due to the fact that they have basically refused to put up with her drama too much.  It also helps that they had looked at Kaitlyn’s file and knew what they were getting with her ahead of time.

Before the first day of school next week, there is still orientation to attend this week.  We will find out who Kaitlyn’s teacher is (contrary to her claims, I think there is more than one “nice” second grade teacher at her school), and we will get to see her classroom.  I may even take the opportunity, if it presents itself, to lay the groundwork to have Kaitlyn tested again for gifted placement this fall (hopefully if and when that happens, it won’t be in the first few weeks of school) since she barely missed the standard this past January.

I am not sure if Kaitlyn will always be this excited about the start of school.  I am sure that there will come a time when she dreads the end of her summer break, but I hope I am wrong about that.  This summer has seemingly flown by, and I almost cannot believe that another school year is just a few days away.


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