Wicked Fun


Jensen Beach

Life is tough sometimes.  Especially when one of those times is when you have to spend a weekend at a condo on the beach.  Such was our punishment over the weekend when we spent the weekend with Amber’s grandmother at the condo she had rented on Jensen Beach.

We spent pretty much all of Friday and all of Saturday rotating between the condo’s pool and the beach.  It is safe to say that Kaitlyn enjoyed every minute of it, too. 

When she wasn’t using my back as transportation to get from one end of the pool to the other, she was practicing her swimming on her own.  It is hard to believe that just about a year ago, she was not really a strong swimmer at all; now, she seems like quite the natural when she is in a pool.

All Kaitlyn wanted to do while we were on the beach was jump the waves.  It was a pretty choppy weekend, so she had plenty of opportunities to do so.  She would jump them on her own when she was standing in water that came up to her knees; when the water was deeper than that, she took the opportunity to have me hold her as I tried to keep her from being swept out to sea (ok, that might be a tad strong, but you get the point).  She didn’t even seem to mind the times when I lifted her out of the water and took the brunt of a wave to the side of my face.  To her, it was all “wicked fun.”

“Wicked fun” seemed to be her phrase for the weekend.  No matter what just happened, it was “wicked fun.” 

As the summer wraps up, it is safe to say that the entire thing was “wicked fun” for Kaitlyn.  She enjoyed going to camp, and has enjoyed spending days with Courtney.  She had a blast when we went to visit my parents, and exhausted herself this past weekend.  I bet she even has fun today, keeping Amber company at work.  She even managed to finish her summer work packet, and is one non-fiction book away from completing her summer reading (she told me she wants one about lions, so that is my assignment for the day).  I cannot believe that school starts so soon; we meet her teacher this week, and get back into our regular routine next week.  I’m sure that will be wicked fun, too!


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