Left Speechless

At this point, nothing that Kaitlyn says or does should come as a surprise to us, but there are still plenty of times when she leaves us speechless.  Whether it is using an argument that is clearly more thought out than we expected or just a nonchalant comment, Kaitlyn continues to keep us on our toes.

I don’t know whether or not Kaitlyn “qualifies” as being a genius by definition* (“a person who has an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140.”), but she very well might.  Of course, that does not stop us from sometimes referring to her as a genius. (*source)

Last night was one of those times when it came up in conversation.  I’m not exactly sure how or why it came up, or why we would have called Kaitlyn a genius in the first place.

Kaitlyn had just finished with her bath and came out asking if she could go on the computer.  Amber asked if she had cleaned her room like she was supposed to have done after camp yesterday, and she had not.  Amber then remarked, “do you know what geniuses do?  They clean their rooms.”  Kaitlyn’s response was swift and left both of us speechless.  She came back with, “geniuses do not clean their rooms.”  Clearly, she was going with the argument that a genius finds a way to get someone else to clean their room for them, and she had a point, but we were not taking the bait.

If that were the only thing that left us speechless in the last 24 hours, I probably would not have been so quick to share.  But there was another occasion where we were left speechless, but this time it was from how deeply she thought out her decision.

She came home from camp yesterday and proclaimed that she had to wear a costume to camp today because it was “Princess and Superhero Day.”  Since we had not gotten any notification one way or the other, we had to tread lightly and come up with a compromise in lieu of sending her to camp in her chosen costume, just in case she was not really supposed to wear one.  Amber ended up, through some heavy negotiating, convincing her to wear regular clothes under her costume today.

Kaitlyn had clearly given today’s theme at camp a lot of thought.  Princess.  Superhero.  Costume.  To her, there was only one costume that would fit the bill.  Mulan.  Mulan-disney-leading-ladies-6409237-1119-1368

The way she came up with her selection shows how much she thought it through.  By choosing Mulan, she was able to satisfy both the princess and the superhero part of “Princess and Superhero Day” at camp.  Contrary to what some may argue, Mulan is indeed a princess (according to Disney, after saving the Emperor, she was offered and accepted the royal crest from him, making her a princess), so that part was easy.  But Kaitlyn believes (and I agree) that Mulan is also a superhero.  You see, Mulan was in the military, which in Kaitlyn’s mind, qualifies her for superhero status (she’s right).

Speechless again.  And proud of the fact that she recognizes that someone who is in the military qualifies as a “superhero.”



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