Take Me Out To The Ballgame

What a weekend!  We don’t get down to West Palm Beach often, but when we do, we try to catch a baseball game in Jupiter.  There is nothing like a minor league baseball game, and I am really happy that Kaitlyn enjoys going to them, too.  Since we don’t have a team close, we don’t get to games often at all (by comparison, there is no way that I could adequately quantify how many games I went to as a kid since the stadium was about 10 minutes from my house).

Attendees at this past Saturday’s game were treated not only to a good game, but also a promotional giveaway.  The first 500 fans each got a Stan Musial harmonica (I am fairly certain they had plenty of harmonicas left over).  Kaitlyn was beyond excited, and she played her harmonica pretty much all night.

BallgamePretty much the only time that Kaitlyn was not in her seat, which was right behind mine so I was able to enjoy her harmonica playing all night, was when she decided that she wanted to try to get a souvenir ball.  We were seated a few rows behind the first base dugout (for 9 of us to attend the game and sit there, the grand total was less than a cheap seat at Fenway Park), and Kaitlyn took notice that every inning when the home team (Cardinals) would come in, one of their players would toss a ball to a kid in the stands.  She decided that she was going to get one, and every time an out was made in the inning she picked, she would ask if she could head down to stake out her spot.  With two outs, she went down to her spot.

She posed for a few pictures while the Cardinals struggled to record the third out, but she was ready when they did.  She took her spot and waited for a ball to come her way.  And as they made their way in, one of the players tossed a ball to her.  It was pretty neat that she accomplished her goal; until she decided that it was a good idea to play catch with the player who threw her the ball, and she tossed the ball back into the dugout.  (What else do you do when someone throws you a ball?  You throw it back and play catch.  It makes perfect sense.)  While the rest of us thought it was cute, Kaitlyn did not share in our happiness.  Another player tossed the ball back to her, and she came back to her seat.  She was a little embarrassed for having thrown the ball back, and she thought we were laughing at her for doing so (we weren’t).

We have now taken Kaitlyn to two games at that stadium, and she has come home with a souvenir ball each time.  Not a bad success rate if you ask me.


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