It’s About Time!

Judging from the way that Kaitlyn had been moping around the house lately, you would have thought that her world had come crashing down all around here.  Further investigation would have revealed the reason that she had been a little down.  Unlike some (most?) of her other friends, she had yet to lose her first tooth.  And that was just unacceptable for a child who, among other things, is in a rush to grow up (not sure why since being a grown up is really not all that fun all the time).

Last night, however, Kaitlyn could not have been happier.  She came bounding down the hall after her bath with the biggest smile in the world, holding in her hand the first tooth to make its way out of her mouth.  It’s about time!  Tooth

We figured, since she was so excited for the tooth to come out, that she would be in a rush to get to sleep last night, but we were wrong.  She was in no rush to get to place her tooth under her pillow to see what the tooth fairy would bring her.  Nope.  At one point, she was carrying her tooth around and was about to attempt to put it back in her mouth before I stopped her.

When it was finally time for bed, she gently put her tooth into her “tooth pillow” and placed it on her bed.  Amber and I both knew that she would be eagerly awaiting the morning so she could see her prize.

As it turns out, the going rate for a tooth these days is a $1 coin.  Talk about inflation!  Growing up, we were happy to get a quarter under our pillow, and here was Kaitlyn strutting around the house this morning with her $1 coin.

There is no telling when the next tooth will make its way out and contribute to Kaitlyn’s cruise fund, but I hope the tooth fairy has plenty of dollar coins at the ready, just in case.



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