Mission Completion

Kaitlyn’s determination paid off over the weekend.  And she was very happy with herself, and Amber and I were are very proud of her of course.

We heard the unmistakable sound of Kaitlyn getting out of bed Sunday morning, and waited for our typical wake-up call of her jumping into our bed.  But that never came.  The crash that we heard when she got out of bed and tripped over some of the toys she had left out was followed by silence.  Strange.  Since I was already up, I went about my usual Sunday routine and got dressed to head to the store to pick up breakfast and the newspaper.  I poked my head into Kaitlyn’s room as I made it dow the hall, and her bed was empty.  The TV was not on, so I looked on the couch for her, thinking she was just laying there relaxing.  Nothing.  Nope, she was working on her puzzle and had a big smile on her face.  If I had to venture a guess, she had about 40 pieces left to connect, and by the time I made it home from the store, the puzzle was finished.

Without a single ounce of help from Amber or I, Kaitlyn finished her 750-piece puzzle all by herself, and she should be proud of what she did.  She did it her way; she worked on putting the scenes of the movies in the puzzle by themselves and would work them together when the time was right.  She was not concerned with established the borders first and going from there.

The finished product is below.



One response

  1. Her determination is going to take her a long way in life. That’s a great characteristic to have! She did an excellent job on that puzzle. Her way got the job done. Whoever said ‘our’ way was the best anyway? 🙂 She may be onto something.

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