She Made It…

Despite our best intentions, Amber and I had become somewhat lax on staying on Kaitlyn about completing some of her easier chores.  Like making her bed.  It is not something we purposely eased off on, but we had, for a little while at least, not really held her to her regular standard.  That all changed recently, and Kaitlyn seems to have gotten the message.

I won’t share exactly what the message was, but Kaitlyn certainly got it over the weekend when it comes to making her bed.  She has, at least for the past few days, done a tremendous job of making her bed each morning.  Check out the picture on the right side of the screen for what I mean.  Bed

Not too shabby at all, and I bet if I were to have pointed out that her Tink pillow is upside down, she would have torn everything off the bed and started over.  But I am not that mean (honestly, I did not think of mentioning it until right now, and I probably would have said something when I took this picture if I had been paying closer attention).  Either way, Kaitlyn did a superb job in making her bed.

And lest anybody think it was a one-time thing, her bed has looked exactly like this after she has made it the last few mornings (except for maybe the Tink pillow).  In true aspie fashion, everything has to be done the same way every time.

Kaitlyn has been very meticulous in making her bed recently, making sure that it is exactly how she wants it, and that her friends are lined up the right way.  I am going to assume that she lines them up that way for a particular reason, but I know that she will not share that reason with me if I ask.

Our next goal, now that we seem to have her back on track in making her bed, is to have Kaitlyn make the same kind of effort when it comes to keeping her room tidy.  We don’t expect it to be as antiseptic as a hospital operating room, but it sure would be nice to be able to walk into her room without tripping over countless things that are scattered on the floor (we’ve done good avoiding any stray Lego pieces for quite some time now, so that is a plus).


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