Icee Day!

Kaitlyn does not get too overly excited when it comes time to do any type of cleaning when it comes to the pool.  To her, pool maintenance is something that Amber and I are responsible for, and her main job is to swim in the pool once we have it to where it meets her standards.

There is, however, one part of pool maintenance that Kaitlyn really enjoys, and that is the addition of chlorine to the water.  Of course, her excitement comes less from the fact that it means she is that much closer to being able to swim than it does for another reason altogether.  She loves nothing more than when each of our 4 chlorine containers are empty, because it means one thing.

It means that “Icee Day” is coming soon.

I guess it all started a few months ago, when I thought it would be nice if Kaitlyn came with me to the Ace Hardware up the road from our house when I went to get our chlorine refilled.  She didn’t know it at the time, but I had also decided that I would surprise her with an Icee from the gas station as a reward for her helping me out; she helps by carrying two jugs to the car to be loaded, and then carries the empty jugs to the door at Ace so they can be filled.

Apparently, I started a new routine on that first day.  I have now filled up with chlorine probably 5-6 times since that first day, and each time, Kaitlyn is excited to come with me because she knows it means she will be getting an Icee.  This past Sunday, she was so excited to be going that she attempted to grab all four empty jugs to take to the car; she ended up having to settle for carrying two.

Our routine has expanded from just dropping off the jugs at the door and hanging out in the pool supply section to dropping off the jugs and looking for particular itmes.  Sometimes, Kaitlyn even lets me determine what we are shopping for.  I guess it has gotten to the point now where the employees at Ace recognize us and our routine, because they are extra friendly and always happy to see us (they are probably just happy to see Kaitlyn).

We just had another “Icee Day” yesterday, and since it is summer, there is probably another one on the schedule really soon.


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