How Did She Know?

For a few years now, one of Kaitlyn’s closest “friends” has been Roo, he of “Hundred Acre Wood” fame.  Yes, she does have her stuffed Roo that goes everywhere with her, but she also has “invisible Roo,” and he, and this is putting it nicely, has not always been the best influence on her.

There have been times over the last few years where Kaitlyn has done something that she knows will get her into trouble, and when it time for questioning, she brings up Roo.  Roo was either a party to the action, or Roo was responsible for it.  She also tells us tales of different mischief that Roo has been up to as well.

RooI bring all of this up for a reason, and it took Amber and I quite some time to even see it in the first place.

Today, we were discussing some ideas that incorporate Roo (the good one) for a few different things we want do for or get for Kaitlyn.  On a whim, I decided to look him up online, and as I was reading through his Wikipedia page (that’s right, he has a Wikipedia page), looking at how the character was developed, I noticed the last part of the entry covered his “alleged emotional difficulties.”

Apparently, a group of Canadian pediatricians researched, evaluated, and made conclusions about the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood.  Their findings were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (Volume 163, pages 1557-1559 (2000)).

What they wrote for Roo made me stop and read it again a few more times.  I also thought it might be a good idea to get Amber’s perspective on it, just to be sure that I was not projecting something that really wasn’t there; I figured that if both of us came up with the same conclusion, then we may just be on to something.  Here is what the article says about Roo:

“We especially worry about baby Roo. It is not his impulsivity or hyperactivity that concerns us, as we feel that those are probably age appropriate. We worry about the environment in which he is developing. Roo is growing up in a single-parent household, which puts him at high risk for Poorer Outcome. We predict we will someday see a delinquent, jaded, adolescent Roo hanging out late at night at the top of the forest, the ground littered with broken bottles of extract of malt and the butts of smoked thistles. We think that this will be Roo’s reality, in part because of a second issue. Roo’s closest friend is Tigger, who is not a good Role Model. Peer influences strongly affect outcome.”

The first thing that came to my attention about their conclusion was that they basically described what Kaitlyn has been trying to get across to us for years.  That being that Roo’s a little on the hyper side, and sometimes he does things out of impulse that gets himself (or the two of them) into a little bit of trouble.  Kaitlyn basically figured out Roo’s psyche without the formal training of the group in Canada (I am not suggesting that she is smarter than Canadians though).

Of course, I guess it is perfectly reasonable to assume that Kaitlyn simply guessed and got it right about Roo’s behavior.


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