Family Meeting

Kaitlyn called a family meeting last night, shortly after I got home.  She gave Amber and I a few minutes of notice, and by the time we made it to her room, she had laid out a blanket for us to sit on for this meeting.

It quickly became apparent to us that this was no ordinary family meeting.  Oh, no, this was something even bigger than that.  It was a planning session.  For our cruise.  Which is over 300 days away.

While Amber and I took our seats on the blanket, Kaitlyn assumed her role as Lead Planner for our trip, and was already picking out the color marker she was going to use during the meeting on her white board.  In case we were not aware of it when she called us into her room, this was serious business.

Kaitlyn laid out the rules for the meeting, and they were quite simple.  She would write down suggestions on things we should do on our next cruise, and then we would “vote” on them.  If and when Amber and I had a suggestion of our own, we were to raise our hands and wait to be called on, and the process would then repeat itself.

The first order of business was determining where we would eat lunch once we boarded, and the motion passed unanimously.  From there, Amber and I did our best to make our “suggestions” be in line with the exact order in which we did things this past year so as not to get scolded by the Lead Planner.

We only made it through Embarkation Day during our planning session last night, but it is safe to say that we at least know what we will be doing, and in what order we will be doing it, for that entire day.  At least if Kaitlyn gets her way, that is.  The only activity that was not up for a vote was the safety drill, and that is because it is mandatory.

Of course, this recap would not be complete if I did not include what lead up to the meeting in the first place.  At some point yesterday, Kaitlyn decided to write-up the first part of our itinerary, and that was when would leave our house.  She had us leaving on a Friday (the last day of school) at 4:00am.  Her goal was to leave early enough on Friday so that we had time to look around at Ron John Surf Shop; I had to quickly convince her that we are not leaving at 4:00am on any day (although she did point out when Amber mentioned that it was dark at that time of the day that we could turn on the headlights), and that it was probably not a good idea for her to miss the last day of school.  We left it at we will discuss the possibility of missing the last day of school next year, but that discussion was for another time.

We have over 300 days until our next cruise, and I have a feeling that Kaitlyn will want to have several more family meetings during that time.


2 responses

  1. Haha… This is hilarious!! She will definitely be prepared! 🙂

    1. Yeah, she will be very prepared!

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