Hard To Explain

I was thinking about something the other day, and I decided to bring it up with Amber to see what she thought, and after we talked about it for a minute, she was on-board with me.

If you read any or all (hopefully all, but if not, take some time to read them now) of the recaps I shared from our cruise, there was one common theme.  That theme, of course, was Kaitlyn’s dinner choice each night (chicken strips).

It should be quite obvious that Kaitlyn loves her some chicken strips.  But, she also likes tenders and nuggets, too, and has recently taken a liking to the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A thanks to her big sister Jen.

Now, if one were to try to draw a conclusion from her love of chicken as noted above, one might well assume that Kaitlyn is also a big fan of sliced chicken when she is having a regular old sandwich.  But, one would be incorrect in that assumption.

For some reason, when it comes to deli sandwiches, Kaitlyn does not care for chicken at all.  She almost always refuses to have chicken on her sandwich when she takes one for lunch.  Instead, she prefers to have turkey sandwiches (it was only this year that her lunch box came home without the bread as a left over.  She would only eat the turkey for the longest time.).  And while she prefers turkey as a deli meat, she gives it a tepid (at best) response when we have turkey for a holiday meal.

The whole thing baffles me.  The fact that she basically wants nothing to do with either meat other than in one form only (cooked chicken, lunch meat-style turkey) is a little bit strange.  Most likely, it is a texture thing more than a taste thing, though taste may play a little bit of a role.  In her mind, chicken comes one way, and turkey another, and they are not to switch roles on her at all.

Kaitlyn is also not a fan of cheese unless it is melted, but that is a whole different ball of wax with a more plausible cause.


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  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) | Reply

    It is mystifying isn’t it?

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