Always Something…

Amber and I long ago came to the realization that with Kaitlyn, there will always be some sort of surprise lingering around the next corner.  Most of the time, they are those surprises that sort of make us take a step back and just appreciate the moment.

Like when she brings her stool into the kitchen, completely unprompted, and decides that she is going to wash the dishes.  This is a recent thing for her, and it is cute to see her washing the dishes, even if the end result is almost always a small flood on the floor.

Or like when she makes us special drinks for “tea parties” and picnics.  If the drinks were real, you can bet they would be a nightmare for someone with diabetes (her drinks always contain chocolate, sprinkles, whipped cream and more).  We always make sure to enjoy her drinks and always ask for seconds and sometimes thirds.

Or the times where she insists that it is Family Game Night.  When she decides, it is a good idea that we set up a game pretty quick.

Or like when we were on the way to camp this morning, and she told me, with all sincerity, that she hoped people enjoyed reading the “stories” I wrote over the weekend (the cruise recaps).  I assured her that people loved them because they were about her, but she was more concerned with making sure that people liked them because I wrote them, not because they were about her.

It is awesome to me that she is so thoughtful and caring.


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