A “Dream” Adventure, Day 3


This is the third in a four-part series recapping our recent vacation to Nassau and Castaway Cay.
Our stop at Disney’s Castaway Cay was one that we were all looking forward to.  I mean, how many other cruise lines have their own private island?  (I think the answer is zero.)
Kaitlyn was not exactly a happy camper waking up as we were docking at Castaway Cay.  There were two reasons behind her foul mood; the first was that we broke from her schedule and did not have our first meal of the day at the Cabanas restaurant on deck 11.  Routine is a little bit important to her.  The second reason for her foul mood was that she is not old enough to have participated in the 5k they hold on the island each time a ship docks there (for liability reasons, Disney discourages participation from those under 12.  If she was 10 or 11, I would have happily let her tag along.)  DD4_2013_19
DD4_2013_101While I made my way down to the gathering spot for the other crazy people who choose to run a quick 5k on their cruise vacation, Amber and Kaitlyn finished up eating breakfast (room service) and getting ready.  Our running group was among the first off the ship, and we made our way to the starting area.  Any joy I had from being able to run on something other than the hills I usually run on quickly faded into the tropical humidity on the island.  Overall, the run was fun, and I got to see parts of the island that I would not have been able to see if I had chosen not to run.
I met up with Amber and Kaitlyn at the finish line, and we headed over to the spot Amber had staked out for us.  Kaitlyn was over her bad mood from the morning, mostly because she got to see Donald Duck pretty much right after she got off the ship.  The beach on the island was beautiful, and the first thing that Kaitlyn wanted to do was to build a sand castle.  She picked out an area by our chairs and got to work for a little bit, while I went and picked up our snorkeling gear.
Kaitlyn was not really a big fan of snorkeling, but she gave it a try before she called it a day.  Because Amber and I still wanted to explore using the gear, we agreed to take Kaitlyn over to the kid’s area on the island, and she was more than happy to do some exploring on her own.  Amber and I checked out some of the “treasures” that Disney had planted in the snorkel area, and were making our way back to shore when we decided to get our Michael Phelps on.  As we were heading toward the shore, we looked up and saw some ominous clouds, and one of the clouds had a special treat with it (pictured at right).  The storm quickly passed, and we probably only had to dodge about 20 rain drops.
DDW_2013_69After a quick lunch of BBQ-style food (Kaitlyn had chicken strips of course), Amber and I decided to try some of the special drinks they had on the island.  She had the “Castaway Freeze,” which she did really did not care for because it was more of a smoothie than anything, and I had a “Tropical Depression,” which I really enjoyed.  Kaitlyn even enjoyed the foam off the top of my drink, but not the drink itself.
Back on the ship, we had a few hours to hang out a little while Kaitlyn was at the Oceaneer Club and before “Pirate Night” started.  “Pirate Night” was something to behold, and a lot of cruisers got into the spirit and were dressed up; for our part, we put on the bandanas our stateroom hostess left for us and were good-to-go.
DD2_2013_135For dinner on “Pirate Night,” every restaurant served the same thing.  Kaitlyn once again had chicken strips and a Mickey bar, and also had a “Rusty Anchor” drink in a light-up glass, while Amber sampled the crab cake, shrimp pasta, and banana crepes.  I went with the pork dumplings, Cajun chicken, and rum cake.  The curry dish for the table was lamb curry, and it was not too bad at all (it was my first time tasting lamb).
By the time dinner had rolled around, Amber and I decided, based off of how much fun we were having, and how much fun we knew Kaitlyn was having, to visit the Future Cruise Desk.  Before we had even gotten on the ship in Port Canaveral, we had said that as long as we did not have any issues with seasickness and we were enjoying ourselves, we would price and/or book another cruise.  Well, we were all having a blast, and there were no issues with seasickness at all, so we went ahead and both priced and booked another cruise.  For some reason, we allowed Kaitlyn to influence our decision a little bit, and we opted for a cruise on another ship in the Disney fleet, the Fantasy.  And we also decided that four nights was not nearly long enough, so we went with a 7 night adventure for next year, this time to the Eastern Caribbean.  And it looks like we will have some company as well, which will make the trip even more fun.

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