A “Dream” Adventure, Day 2

DD2_2013_03This is the second part of the four-part series recapping our vacation to Nassau and Castaway Cay on the Disney Dream.  For the first part, click here.

The first stop on our cruise was in Nassau.  Captain Guus (that’s right, he spells his name like that) got us there a little bit early, which allowed everyone to head out a few minutes ahead of schedule.  We had pretty smooth sailing from Port Canaveral to Nassau, so I don’t think anybody was rushing to touch dry land again, but for those who paid for excursions, the extra time was probably a nice thing.  For us, our plan was to do a little shopping, pick up some local souvenirs, and head back to the ship in time for lunch (why pay for lunch on land when there was plenty to choose from on board?  Yes, I am cheap!).

DD1_2013_183A lot of the buildings in Nassau were painted in nice, vivid colors, which was a change from what we are used to seeing.

Knowing that this would be the one time that she would get to spend her money, Kaitlyn was determined to do some serious shopping (everything on the ship had to be paid for using our room key, and we were not about to give Kaitlyn free run of those privileges while on board).  We stopped in a few of the gift shops on our way to the Straw Market, and Kaitlyn found a few things that she wanted.  We also made a quick pit stop at a local grocery store (Kaitlyn was thirsty), which gave us a chance to try a local drink called Goombay Punch (a friend suggested we try it).  It comes in a white can with a smiley face on it, and it packs quite the sugary punch.  We ended up picking up a few six packs before we got back on the ship.

DD4_2013_73We made it over to the Straw Market, and we were prepared for the vendors to be pushy, and they did not disappoint.  Kaitlyn locked in on a straw bag she wanted, and when the vendor came over, she told us it was $35.  I guess she immediately sensed that we were about to just walk on by, because the price was cut in half before we could take two steps.  The bag wasn’t exactly a $17.50 bag, either, and I nicely declined that price as well.  Not willing to accept that we would not be purchasing anything, the vendor came down on the price again, but not quite enough.  Eventually, we got the bag for $8, and the vendor added Kaitlyn’s name on to the bag as a nice touch.  The same scenario was repeated at a few booths, and at one booth, Amber came away with a bracelet that she wanted, and Kaitlyn walked away with a bracelet and a necklace, all for $20.  We picked up a few other souvenirs around town, including some rum cake for Kaitlyn, and some local rum for me (have to take advantage of being able to pick up some rum on the cheap and duty-free).

Back on the ship, we grabbed a quick lunch, and took advantage of the fact that most of the other guests were on land, to get some swimming in.  Kaitlyn loved the Mickey Pool, but wanted to spend time in the Donald Pool as well, which meant I was on duty (the pool was five and a half fee deep).

Dinner on night two was at Enchanted Garden for us.  Kaitlyn once again ordered chicken strips and a Mickey bar ice cream.  Amber had lobster ravioli and pan-seared sea bass.  I had asparagus soup (it was good), pork tenderloin, and prime rib.  Our special curry dish for the night was chicken curry, and that was really good, too.  Somehow, Amber had room for dessert, and ordered the strawberry cheesecake; I, on the other hand, did not have room for dessert, and I told Gidion that I was too full for dessert.  He ended up bringing me a special dessert anyway (pictured below).



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