First Grade, Last Report Card

It’s very hard to believe that the school year is officially over.  Kaitlyn is done with first grade.  Wow!  schoolhouse1

Kaitlyn’s last report card looked very similar to pretty much the three other ones she has brought home this year, and the four she brought home last year.  She has formed quite the pattern here, one that Amber and I know will continue as she progresses.

As a matter of fact, this report card might just be the easiest one to summarize.  Kaitlyn achieved an “E” rating, meaning she extends or applies herself in many ways in each subject area graded.  Her language arts (reading and writing) were rated as “E” for each grading period this year.  The same goes for math, social studies, science, health education, and physical education.  She improved from her last report card in both visual arts and performing arts, and her “E” in performing arts was her best grade in that subject area this year.

All told, Kaitlyn once again made the honor roll, and brought home a Citizenship Certificate to go along with her Honor Roll certificate.  Looks like I will have to find two more spots on her wall for those!

As always, the part that I enjoy reading the most is the teacher comments section.  Here is what her teacher put for the last grading period:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed having Kaitlyn in my class this year!  She is such a sweet young lady and has shown wonderful growth in all academic areas.  She is well-prepared and should do a great job in second grade!  You should be very proud of all of her accomplishments.  I will miss seeing her sweet smile in my room next year.”

I can assure that you Amber and I are both very proud of everything that Kaitlyn has accomplished.

Since the suspense, if there was any, was spoiled in the teacher comments, Kaitlyn will be moving on to second grade next year.  She brought home a summer work packet to keep her sharp while school is out, and we have to return it to the school when she is finished with it (no, we won’t be returning it Monday!), and she also has to read at least eight books as part of a summer reading challenge to earn a special pin for her lanyard at school.  I don’t think she will have trouble with completing any of her summer work.


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