That Spirit

We have a little bit of a theme developing in our house, and it is safe to say that Amber and I did not really even see it coming.  We are still not sure where or how Kaitlyn comes up with a lot of what she comes up with, and she continues to baffle us almost every day.

Last night, she decided to announce that she was going to go into business for herself.  That in itself is not huge news, especially since she has already been developing her doll company with her friend at school.  Last night, she announced that she was going to open another business, in addition to the doll company.  The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in her for sure.

Kaitlyn was assisting Amber with baking some cookies (or was it the other way around and Amber was assisting?) when she told us her idea for her next business venture.  She is, naturally, going to open a bakery.

baked-goods-smaller-2Honestly, Amber and I should not be surprised that Kaitlyn would think to open a bakery.  She absolutely loves to bake.  She loves helping Amber bake, and loves that she can get her grandmothers to bake with her when anytime they visit, too.  The best part about her newly proposed business venture is that she already has a name and a location for it.  It is going to be called “Kaitlyn’s Bakery” (of course!) and is going to be located in Nashville.  Yeah, she is already being that specific about her business.

Even though she has the name and location picked out, and she already is developing her first item for the menu (cupcakes that sound delicious), there is one part of her current business model that needs to be modified some.  Right now, she does not plan on charging for her baked goods, so that could pose somewhat of a problem if she wants to stay in business for any length of time.  While it speaks to the warmness of her heart and her generosity towards others, it is not an idea that lends itself to sustained success in the business world; luckily we have a few years before she really wants to make it a reality, so there is time to convince her that it is ok to charge people.

In the meantime, she will continue to hone her baking skills, and that is fine with me.


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