In Good Company

MickeySince she figured out the riddle in December, Kaitlyn has been immersing herself in all things Disney cruise.  She reads the guidebook constantly, and visits the website frequently.  To say that she is obsessed with the cruise might be a bit of an understatement, sort of along the lines of saying that the Grand Canyon is just a “little hole in the ground.”  She has been beyond the normal stage of excited for several months, and as the days get closer, somehow she has room to cram in even more excitement.  It is pretty remarkable.

The other night, I told her that she has one chore that she will have to do, and do well, while we are on the ship.  And that is to have fun.  A lot of it.  She promised that she would have “one million times fun” on the ship, and I plan on holding her to that claim.

She tells everyone she talks to about our cruise, and then proceeds to educate them with bits of information about the four cruise ships in the Disney fleet, and then about what activities there are on each ship, and finally what there is to do at the various ports of call.  If you want to know anything about what is offered on a Disney cruise, let me know, and I will have Kaitlyn provide the answer; of course if you are patient and wait until later this summer, she will be able to provide an answer with accompanying pictures and commentary.

Minolta DSCPretty soon, we will be sailing on the Disney Dream, leaving for a four night adventure out of Port Canaveral.  And while we have yet to step foot on the ship, have not taken one ride on the AquaDuck, that has not stopped Kaitlyn from already starting to plan our next Disney cruise.  Of course, since we have not gone on this one, we cannot be certain that there will be another one, but that does not matter to her at all.  She has made up her mind that we are going on another one.  Amber and I have talked at length about just that, and have determined that we are leaning toward doing another one after this one, as long as none of us gets into any prolonged battles with seasickness at all.

DuckSlideLARGEThe other night while we were eating, and having sensed Kaitlyn’s building excitement and taken note of her pre-planning for cruise number two, I asked Kaitlyn a very simple question.  I asked her if we do decide to take another cruise next year, does she want anybody to join us?  I thought for sure she would bring up that she wanted to bring along a friend, or possibly her whole class (she is thoughtful like that), but she did not, and that came as a surprise to Amber and I.  No, she went a different direction altogether, one that tells me so much about her line of thinking.  I am not going to share on here who she said she would like to go on another cruise with us because I do not want to put any pressure on anyone, but I am proud that she came up with this potential company on her own.

The morning after her announcement regarding potential company on another cruise, I asked her if she would rather go on a four night or a seven night cruise, and her answer did not surprise me in the least.  She has already determined that we will be embarking on a seven night cruise if we go on one in the future.  That way, she says, we can have a character dinner and tea time with some princesses.  Makes sense to me, and it always thrills me to see how she comes up with some of the stuff she comes up with.

*The photos included with this entry are property of the entities listed on each, or in the case of the AquaDuck, property of the Disney Cruise Line.  After our cruise, my intent is to provide a recap, most likely in the form of multiple entries which will include pictures.


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