I’m About To Arrive

red_carpet_arrival_1Amber and I just looked at each other right after Kaitlyn said it, and we were probably both thinking the same thing: “Well, that’s a new one.”

Saturday, we took Kaitlyn to her friend’s birthday party at our local indoor bounce house venue.  They have several bounce houses and video games to wear out kids and drain wallets, so we pretty much only go there when there is a birthday party.

To get into the actual facility, we had to walk down a long corridor.  Amber and I were trying to make casual conversation with Kaitlyn as we were making the trek when it happened.  Because she feels like she is always the center of attention, or at least should be, even when we are going to her friend’s birthday party, Kaitlyn announced, “I’m about to arrive.”

I’m not quite sure what she was expecting to happen upon her arrival.  Was she looking for a red carpet?  Photographers?  Entrance music?

It is nice to see that Kaitlyn has slowly gained the confidence in herself to be able to make such a proclamation.  While that same confidence can and does easily become short-lived, it is huge progress for her.

After her “arrival,” Kaitlyn pretty much ran around non-stop.  It was really tough to keep track of her sometimes, but Amber and I have our system down so one of us almost always has our eyes on her.  She bounced around a lot, and tried her hand at air hockey, too.  She was also basically unaffected both times she rode the roller coaster simulator they have there (the birthday girl, however, almost did not fare as well, but she kept all of her food down), which is better than I would have done.  The party wore her down so much that she was still exhausted well into Sunday, which is a rare thing for her (Amber and I are hoping that her exhaustion yesterday does not end up with one of Kaitlyn’s sick days.  Those are never fun.)

If Kaitlyn was expecting a big deal to be made out of her arrival at a birthday party this past weekend, she will be in for a real treat when we board the ship for our Disney cruise this summer.


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