Watching Her Back

Like so many people with Asperger’s, when Kaitlyn develops a relationship with someone, it is done with a deep connection.  She generally does not have many ancillary relationships or mere acquaintances.

The depth of her relationship with one of her very good friends was on full display yesterday at T-ball practice.  And it was an amazing thing to see.

For starters, and maybe I am just being a biased dad, but Kaitlyn and her friend are two of the better players on the team.  They tend to hit well, field well, and their throws end up in the general vicinity of their target most of the time, which is saying something for T-ball.

Yesterday’s practice was just like the rest of them have been: they played catch, worked on fielding, and then worked on hitting.  As will happen when activities are done on a rotational basis, the time came when Kaitlyn’s friend was to take her turn hitting.  Kaitlyn was still in the field, patiently waiting her turn (anytime Kaitlyn patiently waits for anything, it is a big deal) as her friend was hitting.  On a couple of swings, her friend either missed or did not make solid contact, resulting in one of the other kids on the team making remarks that sort of mocked her.  Kaitlyn was having none of it.

After the very first comment, Kaitlyn very nicely asked the boy to stop.  When he did not, she became frustrated.  Very frustrated.  No sooner did he make the same remark a second time did Kaitlyn yell at him at the top of her lungs, “stop making fun of my friend.  That is not very nice at all!”  This was repeated multiple times, with Kaitlyn’s frustration growing with each request.  At some point, I think the bo got the message because he stopped making comments at all.

I think if it had gone on any longer, Kaitlyn would have alerted one of the coaches (they seem to not really have a handle on what happens at practice and during games sometimes) to have them deal with it.  One thing is for certain though, and that is that she established that she will not tolerate someone picking on her friend.  The two of them balance each other out perfectly; where Kaitlyn is shy and socially awkward, her friend is the social butterfly who does not mind meeting new people.  They have become closer throughout this school year, even though they are not in the same class again.



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