Sending A Msg

Kaitlyn seems to have found a new hobby.  It doesn’t really replace anything, just sort of adds to the list of things that she just has to do, and has to do well.

text-messageKaitlyn’s newest hobby is texting people.  Specifically, she throughly enjoys texting her “big sister” Jen.  When she is not reading about Disney cruises, playing on the Wii, reading her Rainbow Magic books, or playing outside (still no swimming because the water is too cold and Kaitlyn is not happy about it), she is checking Amber’s phone for a reply from Jen.  She likes to tell her about her day, and ask her how her day went, things like that.  The other night, she even planned Jen’s visit to school for the two of them to have lunch.  Kaitlyn was even nice enough to text Jen exactly what she wanted from Chick-fil-A (much to our surprise, she did not go with their nuggets, but with their regular chicken sandwich), including a milkshake (or as Kaitlyn wrote, “I call chocolate, with whipped cream and a cherry on top!”).

I’ve been on the receiving end of a few of her texts as well, and they are always well-written and have correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.  For Kaitlyn, there are no shortcuts when it comes to sending her message.  She texts in complete sentences and does not use shorthand at all.  She even signs her texts so that the person she is texting knows it was her and not Amber (she puts “Love, Kaitlyn” at the end).

What is keeping me from worrying too much about Kaitlyn’s fondness for texting at such a young age is the fact that she loves hand-writing letters to people.  She writes Amber and I notes all the time, and she recently sent out her first fan letters to her two favorite bands (groups?).  So while the art of actually putting pen to paper is lost on so many these days, Kaitlyn still gets a thrill out of writing her own letters.  We are keeping an eye on this texting thing though, and it will be quite some time before she has her own phone to text from (I am not looking forward to the days of having to remind her that she is not supposed to retreat to her room with the door closed with her cell phone in hand.).


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