That Smile

I can’t think of too many things that Kaitlyn enjoys more about school than when someone takes time out of their day to have lunch with her.  Amber and I usually try to make it a few times per year, and we have a couple of friends that have gone and had lunch with her, too.  She enjoys showing off my parents (although I have to question her judgement on that…just kidding) when they come up to visit, also.

With the school year winding down, I knew that I was running out of chances to join her for lunch.  For me, it can take careful planning and maneuvering to make that happen sometimes, but I make it happen.  Usually, Kaitlyn knows when she is having company for lunch, and I am sure that is all that she can talk about all morning the day she is getting her visitor.

But that was not the case today.  I had sort of circled today on my calendar as a good day for me to head up to her school for lunch, and once I was able to confirm that there were no last-minute meetings to go to, I was good to go.  Amber was in on the plan, and we both agreed to not tell Kaitlyn I was coming.

I stopped to grab something for me to eat (no cafeteria food for me.  I am not that brave.), and got to the school a few minutes before Kaitlyn’s lunch time.  I was worried that she saw me pull in because her class was heading in from the playground, but she must have already been inside.  As I usually do, I waited in the office until I saw her class walk out into the hall leading to the cafeteria.  Pretty much as soon as I opened the door to join her class on the walk, her face lit up and she had a huge smile on it.  It made my day.

For me, there is nothing like it when she gets a giant smile on her face.  Her eyes light up with the smile, and you can see the pure joy she is experiencing.  There really is nothing like it, and it stays with me for hours on end.


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