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DollsSometimes, Amber and I can get more info out of other parents than we could ever imagine getting out of Kaitlyn.  Most of the time when we ask her a question, whether it is how her day was or what she did in school, we get very generic or canned answers (at best), or she claims that she “does not know” or “does not remember.”  It can sort of be like banging your head against a brick wall, and sometimes just as painful.

Amber was able to get a ton of information out of the mom of one of Kaitlyn’s friends yesterday while having lunch at the school.  Apparently, Kaitlyn and her friend are going into business with each other.  Their product?

Russian dolls.

How they decided on Russian dolls is a mystery, but that is what they decided that they are going to be selling.  Not only will they be selling them, they will be manufacturing them in the factory they are building here (we got this part of the story over dinner last night); creating American jobs is the name of the game.

The friend’s dad had some important questions regarding the business, and I thought he was on to something when he asked.  He asked them where they would be getting their startup capital.  More importantly, he asked her if they even had a business plan.  Like us, he wanted to be sure this was going to be a good investment for him and his money (and I think that like us, he pulled a Shark Tank and said, “for that reason, I am out” at some point).

Amber and I are not about to crush Kaitlyn’s dream-of-the-week.  If she wants to write-up a business plan, we will help her do it, at least so she can see how difficult starting a business is.  If she still wants to continue with the dream, we will support her; if she really wants to, and she puts her mind to it and focuses on it, she would probably do great.

For now, they are not taking any orders for Russian dolls, so put away your credit cards.  But stay tuned!



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  1. […] herself.  That in itself is not huge news, especially since she has already been developing her doll company with her friend at school.  Last night, she announced that she was going to open another business, […]

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