A Special Gift

Kaitlyn gave me a very special birthday present yesterday, or at least she tried to.

I was sitting on the couch, finishing up my dinner, watching the Dodger game with Amber (Josh Beckett was pitching), when Kaitlyn came out of her room with a birthday card for me.  A little early, but she was excited to give it to me.  She went on her merry way, and left me to look over the beautiful handmade card she gave me.  Kaitlyn loves birthdays; of course, hers is her favorite, but she is always determined to make sure that Amber and I, or her friends, have the best birthdays every year.  She especially loves making cards for people.

I opened the card to read it, and it contained a list of my birthday surprises:

*Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse CD, and
*The Band Perry’s Pioneer CD.

Band PerryKaitlyn is also not very good at keeping secrets, but I knew that I was not getting either of those particular music selections since I had already gotten my birthday present.  I showed Amber the card, and then went to Kaitlyn’s room to thank her for making me such a nice card.

As I was walking into her room, she was crouching on the floor by her door, stuffing something into her purse.  Upon further examination, I realized that she was putting money into her purse.  She had gotten $30 out of her jar and was putting it into her purse.

I asked her what she was doing, and she told me, “getting my money ready so that I can buy you your birthday surprises.”  My heart melted on the spot.  She was intent on spending her money, the money she is saving for our cruise, and buying me two CDs.  It took me several minutes to convince her that she did not have to do that, and she was almost in tears at one point.  I was finally able to convince her that it was ok if she saved her money for the cruise, and that I would rather she use her money on buying herself something nice from our vacation.  She reluctantly put her money back in her jar.

I cannot express it adequately enough in words, but I know how truly lucky Amber and I are to have a daughter like Kaitlyn.  She has been given the gift of Asperger’s, and it has helped to intensify the depth of love, caring, and loyalty she has to us and to people she cares about; she is not bound by conventional social boundaries, and when she establishes a connection with someone, her intentions are honest and true.  I wish more people were like her.


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