And The Winner Is…

This came as a complete shock to me, but Kaitlyn was way more excited about the ACM Awards than Amber was.  I thought it was impossible for anybody to get worked up for a country music awards show more than Amber, but Kaitlyn took the cake.

All week last week, Kaitlyn had just one thing on her mind.  If she had a calendar, she would have had yesterday circled, and probably would have written the time the show started, too (she would also tell you that it was at “eight, seven central”).  Our little girl was beyond excited.  She even made sure that Amber promised to go online during the week to vote for the winner of Best New Artist so that Florida-Georgia Line would win.

Kaitlyn studied the nominees in each category, and knew who she wanted to win.  She watched their videos and listened to their songs.  She even went as far as drawing a picture and writing a letter to her two favorite bands, the aforementioned Florida-Georgia Line and The Band Perry (they went out in the mail today); she is putting the pressure on Florida-Georgia Line to release their second album already and for The Band Perry to come visit her at her school (I will be happy to keep readers posted in the event they show up at some point).

Since Kaitlyn usually stays up a little later on Sundays to watch Amazing Race, it really was not that much of a stretch to let her watch the first part of the show last night.  In fact, the most difficult part was trying to get her to stop dancing when they played songs she likes.  She was at the ready for the special sign she made to wave when The Band Perry was shown (it said that they “rocked”), and she put it to good use, starting with the red carpet show at 7pm (somehow we watch more pre-event coverage of country music award shows than we do for the Super Bowl).

Amber and I both knew that it would be a bad night, which would probably carry over into today if we made Kaitlyn go to bed before she saw her current #1 favorite band, Florida-Georgia Line, play.  Maybe it is an understatement to say that she would have been upset and that they are her favorite.  Kaitlyn is obsessed with them.  Between drop off and pick up, I bet she listens to their CD 2-3 times a week, and she looks at the CD case every morning in the car; she knows the words to every one of their songs, and knows the song names in the order they appear on the CD.  She asks everyone she talks to on the phone if they like them, and will happily answer anytime she is asked, “who brought the party?” with the correct answer (“Damn, that was Florida-Georgia Line).  We made a deal with Kaitlyn that she would have to go to bed as soon as they performed, and that we would record the rest of the show, and surprisingly, she agreed.  Luckily for us, they performed around 8:45.  She is planning on watching the rest of the show throughout the week, and I know she will be beside herself when she sees that they win in their category.

Like her other obsessions, Kaitlyn has taken it upon herself to become an expert at all things country music.  She will talk to you about it, even if you are trying to talk about something else.  Amber and I are happy to oblige her because it makes her happy to learn about the artists, and it makes her happy to share what she has learned.  Plus, there is really not much of a chance that we can get her to diversify her interests until she is good and ready, and Amber and I are not big fans of banging our heads against the wall.


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