Exciting News!

When you are 6, almost anything qualifies as exciting news.  Kaitlyn, however, sees very few things as worthy enough to qualify as being “exciting” news.  So when the very first thing she just has to tell Amber after school, and the very first thing she has to tell me when I get home after work, qualifies as exciting, we know it is going to be good.

Since school started back in August, I have tried to provide updates on Kaitlyn’s progress in all subject areas.  There is one area that I especially key on, probably because the raw numbers are right in front of me and I can dissect them nicely.  That area, of course, is the Accelerated Reader program the school uses.

To give a quick overview, AR is a color-coded system of evaluating a student’s reading level.  Like every student, Kaitlyn was given a baseline evaluation to determine what books in the library would be available for her to check out and be tested on for comprehension.  Her baseline was 1.0-2.9, basically first grade and second grade.  She was given particular point totals she was to achieve each nine weeks, and has consistently exceeded her goals by a lot.  Not a real surprise to us because Kaitlyn really loves to read.

Open-BookYou might be able to guess where I am going with this, but I will share anyway.  Yesterday, Kaitlyn was excited and proud to share with us that she was now allowed to read books that are coded in green.  I knew that was a good thing, but I was not 100% sure on what that meant as far as grade-level goes.  I checked out the chart on her AR folder, and I learned that green is for books that are rated 3.0-3.9, third grade reading level.  She was given a goal for the last nine weeks of school of 6.5 total points, and she has already gotten 1 point thus far.

The books that are coded green will be somewhat more difficult than the books she had been reading, but I don’t think they will present too many issues for her.  In fact, the first two books she brought home that are green that she will be tested on are ones she should have no problem with.  One of them is on Carrie Underwood, and Kaitlyn read that one back in October or November, but was not allowed to take the test on it; the other one is part of the Rainbow Magic series that she already has a ton of (I don’t think she owns the particular book she brought home).

Amber and I very proud of where she is with her reading.  We encourage her constantly to do her reading, and challenge her to sound out difficult words before she asks us to help her.  And yes, it sometimes means that she will read more of the cruise guidebook to us, but we do not mind at all.  Kaitlyn is bright, and she loves school, and she loves to learn, and Amber and I could not be happier about it.



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