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schoolhouse1Yesterday was report card day for Kaitlyn.  As expected, there were really no surprises for us when we looked at it.

Once again, Kaitlyn made the honor roll at school.  She has made the honor roll in each of the grading periods she has had the opportunity to do so in her first two years of school (the first 9 weeks of both kindergarten and first grade did not afford her the opportunity to make the honor roll because they are considered “baseline” grading periods).  Her making the honor roll is presenting a little bit of a problem for Amber and I though, but it is a good problem: at some point, we will run out of wall space in Kaitlyn’s room for her honor roll and other certificates.  Right now, and this is without the two certificates she brought home yesterday (honor roll and citizenship), one of her walls is close to one-third covered in framed certificates.

As for the actual report card, she earned “very consistent demonstration” in both behavior and work/study skills again in the performance section.  In the achievement section, she earned “extends/applies in many ways” in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, health education, and physical education, with consistent effort noted.  She slipped a little in visual arts, earning “satisfactory progress,” and maintained “satisfactory progress” in music, with consistent effort in each.

Of course, my favorite part of her report card is the area designated for teacher comments.  It provides us with a concise recap of Kaitlyn’s progress, and expectations moving forward.  Here is what was on this report card:

Kaitlyn continues to make excellent progress in all academic areas.  She has done a wonderful job on our reading comprehension tests and is mastering all of the first grade standards.  In math, she understands the concepts and is able to apply them to her assignments.  In writing, she has been adding more details and has such interesting stories to read.

I guess maybe part of the reason I love that section so much is that the comments reaffirm what Amber and I work to do at home with Kaitlyn.  We have always stressed the importance of school, while trying to not put too much pressure on Kaitlyn, either.  We are lucky that Kaitlyn enjoys going to school and excelling, and that she rarely needs us to provide her with extra motivation.

Before we left for school this morning, I asked Kaitlyn why she does so well in school, and her answer was simple.  She does well because she loves school and she knows that we support her.  Pure and simple.  As parents, Amber and I could not be more proud of what she has accomplished in her first two years (almost) of school.  If we face one obstacle, it is that we will probably have to work to keep Kaitlyn challenged; the academic part of school has come very easy for her so far, and we have noticed that there are times where she does not challenge herself, especially when it comes to her at-home reading.  I guess there are worse problems to have though.


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