Hitting a Home Run

In case you have not figured it out yet, I am pretty hell-bent on raising autism awareness at every opportunity that I can, and also getting the word out when events are happening.  Like the event that is being held today at the Old Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

major-league-baseball-autism-awareness-thumbMajor League Baseball and its 30 teams are hitting a home run when it comes to raising awareness.  Each team is going to dedicate one home game in April (or at a later date) to help raise awareness.

Here is how the clubs will go about doing their part:

Many of the MLB Autism Awareness games throughout the league will provide special opportunities and a safe, friendly environment for families and individuals affected by autism.  Clubs will recognize local families during pre-game ceremonies, and members of the autism community will participate in various traditional baseball activities, including throwing out the first pitch, singing the National Anthem, announcing “Play Ball!,” singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” or performing “God Bless America.”

How cool is that?

You can find out when your favorite team is holding their event by clicking here.  My team, the Red Sox, are holding their event on April 28.  Fenway


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