One At A Time

Last night was not the first time that either Amber or I noticed it, but it was the first time that we decided to address it.  Personally, I did not see anything that was even remotely worth mentioning, but Amber felt otherwise and brought it up.

I am talking about the way that Kaitlyn eats.

Like I said, I do not see anything out-of-the-ordinary about Kaitlyn’s method of eating, but Amber does.  We sat down for our Easter dinner of ham, mac-and-cheese, carrots, and rolls.  Nothing special, just a simple meal.  As usual, Kaitlyn got a few minutes worth of a head start on eating, primarily because she eats really slow.

While she was eating, Amber mentioned to me to take a look at exactly how she was eating.  It looked fine to me, but I will share to see what you think.

She started with her carrots.  No big deal at all.  But, she would not start on anything else until her carrots were gone.  After the carrots, it was mac-and-cheese time.  Again, no big deal, but she made sure to finish it before moving on.  She finished with her ham.

I don’t really know what exactly Amber was pointing out to me.  There is nothing unusual at all about Kaitlyn’s sequential eating.  I guess maybe I am saying that from another seat at the table that does the same thing.  And, just like me, Kaitlyn does not like to have her food touching.  At all.  She is not one who will mix her corn and mashed potatoes at all.  Nope.

healthy-plate-picAmber is not the first one to point out my strange eating habit at all, and we both recognized that Kaitlyn was the same way a long time ago.  I am trying to figure out why it has always been (for me at least) something that has been pointed out and noticed.  Unless it is prepared together, the food on my plate has no business being mixed together.  If the plate comes to the table looking like the (stock) picture shown at left, then does it not make sense to eat things in a certain order?  It does not have to be a vegetables-to-protein order like Kaitlyn does, just one that makes sense to you.

I had really not even thought about the reasoning as to why I eat that way, and it is probably similar reasoning to why Kaitlyn eats the same way.  The sequencing of how we eat helps us maintain order at each meal, that’s all.  Maybe it is a control thing, too.  Maybe it has something to do with how Kaitlyn and I are both very driven by our routines.


2 responses

  1. My food DOES NOT touch… ever! I get picked on at family dinners all the time… my dad says, “it all goes to the same place!” and my response is, “but it tastes bad going down!” And I eat one thing at a time too… although I have gotten a little better about that! I think you and Kaitlyn do it exactly right! 🙂 It was good to see you guys this weekend!

    1. I am glad we are not the only ones. Maybe everybody else is just doing it wrong. 🙂

      Good to see you, too!

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