A Sad Farewell

I’ve written a lot about how Kaitlyn loves when we have family in town visiting.  Part of it is because Amber and I relax the rules a little, but most of it is because she just really enjoys spending time with family.

She loves showing off her collection of Rainbow Magic books.

She loves reading to people about our upcoming Disney cruise.

She loves getting out her games and setting the up on the floor and playing.

She loves all of those things, and so much more, about family visiting.  To her, it is a special treat to be at the center of someone’s attention who is not me or Amber.

Mostly, she loves when family visits because she loves family.  I am not even certain that it has anything to do with the fact that we don’t have any family here.  I really think that if we were surrounded by family, she would still be the same way; Kaitlyn has such a deep-rooted caring for everyone anyway, but with family it seems to go up another level or two.

Which is why Friday and Saturday morning were really difficult on her.  While she once again was rewarded with a trip to Nuberri Friday (correction from an earlier post, she went to Nuberri every day with Amber’s mom), she was really emotional during the afternoon.  Amber’s mom was packing up her things, getting ready to leave Saturday morning, and Kaitlyn was beside herself.  It did not get any better as the evening wore on, and by the time she was tucked into bed, her face was puffy and moist from crying so much.  When Saturday morning rolled around, the tears started again.  She really did not want Amber’s mom to leave.

During the day Saturday, Amber and I talked about Kaitlyn’s reaction.  While we expected the usual crying like she does when my parents leave or Amber’s dad leaves, we were a little surprised that is lasted as long as it did.  I think part of it was just having been spoiled for 8 days or so; it’s strange though, because as much as Amber’s mom spoiled her during her visit, she also made sure that she followed most of our rules.  I also think that part of it is that Kaitlyn is starting to really understand that her time with family other than us is limited; we know she loves spending time with us, but I think that she sometimes longs for more.  Not more time with us, more people to share in the absolute joy she gets out of even the smallest little things.

I know from my perspective, having more people close would be tremendous.  Take, for example, next Tuesday.  We will be heading down to the Historic Old Capitol Building to attend the Light It Up Blue festivities.  It is a pretty big deal to us, especially because Kaitlyn’s Asperger’s does not show up only on World Autism Awareness Day (it is there all the time), and having more support would be great.

Kaitlyn heads back to school tomorrow.  Back to her daily routine, back to seeing her friends every day.  She starts T-ball Wednesday.  The next few months, between school and extra-curricular activities, are going to fly.  We have our cruise, and then Kaitlyn’s birthday party (with a new theme), so it will not be until late June that we have to comfort her when family heads home in the morning.


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  1. Very true…everyday is Autism Awareness Day here too. I love feeling the sense of family coming together in support at the Capitol! Thank you for reminding us how important it is, Kaitlyn,

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