Making The Best Of It

Last Friday, as we were putting Kaitlyn to bed, she said to us that she was pretty upset.  She did not want to be on spring break because she would not be able to see her friends for over a week.  On the one hand, I could empathize with her train of thought; her routine was going to be completely disrupted, and that is tough on her sometimes.  On the other hand, Amber and I encouraged her to enjoy spending time with her grandma (Amber’s mom).

It’s a week later, and spring break is about to wrap up.  Kaitlyn seems to have made the best of her week off.

Honestly, I do not know how she has any energy left.  It’s not like she has been running non-stop from sun up to sun down, but she has been quite busy.  There have been trips to the park, mini golf, and lunch with Amber.  She has helped with yard work and stayed busy playing board games.  She has spent time on her swing set, too.  And somehow, she found a way to get Nuberri frozen yogurt three times in four days (twice with Amber’s mom, once with all of us).

Amber and I are happy that she has had such a good time this week.  I think that Amber’s mom has had a good time hanging out with her, too.  It is important to us that Kaitlyn maximize the time she gets to spend with any of her grandparents when they are here to visit, because she really does not get much time with them at all.  Amber and I do our best to stay out of the way as much as possible, but we don’t totally relax our rules either.

Today marks the end of Kaitlyn’s spring break.  She does not have school Monday, but that is “officially” a teacher planning day.  She is excited that her friend is going to spend the day with her at our house.  I’m sure that Amber will keep them plenty busy all day.  After Monday, Kaitlyn will not have too much time off from being busy.  She does not have another day off from school until Memorial Day, and she also starts YMCA T-ball practice next week, with games starting soon.  The next few months are going to be busy, and she is also getting antsy about being able to use the pool again (it still has to warm up quite a bit from its current 60 degrees).

Kaitlyn survived her break in routine for the week, and she made the best of it.  That is always a good thing.


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