A New Perspective

From day one, having a daughter has been an endeavor that has provided me with plenty of opportunities to learn and also some much-needed perspective.  I am getting better at brushing hair and putting it into a ponytail.  I have learned that there is nothing better as a dad than having your daughter hold your hand, except possibly having a catch with her at Field of Dreams (it would be cool to have a catch with my dad there, too).

This weekend, I got a whole new perspective on two things:  sports equipment and specially made drinks.

We signed Kaitlyn up to play T-ball in the local YMCA league.  The games are on Saturday mornings, and Amber and I both thought it would be a good way to keep her connected with her friends from school in an atmosphere that is designed for fun.  We even requested that she be on the same team as one of her really good friends.  And because I like to be prepared ahead of time, I took Kaitlyn to our local Academy Sports store to shop for some gear (it has been a long time since I shopped for baseball gear, so I was probably more excited than she was).

My mission was simple.  I just had to buy a few things for Kaitlyn to wear once practice started, knowing a return trip was coming once we knew what team she was on (I hope it is not the Yankees).  The key here, at least in order to get Kaitlyn excited about the trip, was to let her pick her own gear.  So that is what I did.  First thing, a new glove.  Kaitlyn immediately found one that she just had to have (and she knows that she gets almost anything she wants when she shops with me), so there was not even a second of discussion about her choice (similar to the picture at right).  Rawlings GloveNext, she wanted some baseball pants.  She rejected the chance to get the jet-black softball ones, and went with gray instead.  Then, it was over to the batting gloves.  You’ll never guess what color she went with on these…ok, you probably would have guessed pink, and you would have been correct.  Then, she also felt like she needed some headbands, so we picked up a 6 pack of them (pink, white, and black-2 of each color).  Finally, it was off to the cleats.  Kaitlyn immediately spotted the ones she wanted, and of course they had plenty of pink on them.  They did not have her size in the ones she wanted, so she had to settle for black-and-white cleats instead.  And of course, no trip to the store for baseball equipment would have been complete without the “good luck gum,” so we bought some gum as well.  All in all, it was about $75 well spent.

Anytime we have company, Kaitlyn gets out her cookbook and selects things that she is going to make.  This week, her assistant is Amber’s mom.  For the first treat, Kaitlyn selected Sparkling Princess Punch, which consists of carbonated water (lemon flavored), cherry juice, and lemon juice.  I was outside when the drink was being made, so I missed the initial tasting, but my glass was waiting for me on the counter.  Judging by the looks I was getting from Amber and her mom, I thought it might be best to take a cautious approach to tasting the drink for the first time.  After you get used to it, it really was not that bad; in fact, I finished my entire serving (I am not going to name names, but not everyone did!).

So, for this new perspective I got on things this weekend.  One, shopping for baseball gear for Kaitlyn is fun, once I was able to accept all of the pink.  Two, when your daughter offers you Sparkling Princess Punch, you drink it, and you enjoy it, even if it is not the best drink you have ever had, because the most important thing is that she made you your own special drink.


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