Pulling a Double

“Of course I can, because I am super strong,” Kaitlyn responded to me while flexing her right bicep.

Minutes before, I had asked her a pretty simple question.  I had asked her if she could handle running the one mile race she had me sign her up for, and then run a 5k later the same morning.  4.1 miles is a long way when you are 6 years old.  Running

For the last two months or so, Kaitlyn has been reminding me to sign us up to run in a local race called the “Doggie Dash,” which is being held this weekend.  She got a kick out of running it last year because she was able to try to convince Amber and I that it was a good idea to leave the event with a puppy (it is not a good idea, and we did not get a puppy last year, and will not be getting one this year).  About a day before I was going to sign us up, an opportunity came up for me to run in a 5k that same morning, but not the 5k for the Doggie Dash.  I could not pass up the chance to be registered for and run an event in which I was not paying the registration fee, so I was on board.  But, my doing so created a problem:  Kaitlyn originally wanted to run the 5k at the Doggie Dash, but with me running the other event, we would not be able to.  Plus, when I first found out about my free entry, I was not expecting to be able to negotiate an entry for Kaitlyn.

When I told Kaitlyn the news, she was not too happy at all.  She said that she “thought I liked running with her” and that we were running buddies.  She is getting good at the guilt trips at a young age (she didn’t get that trait from Amber, and I am not sure where she got it from).  And of course, because I broke the news to her on a Friday, there was plenty of guilt piled on over the weekend.

wpid-running_man.pngI received good news early Monday, however.  The second free entry that was available had not been claimed, and someone was needed to take it by the end of the day.  The suggestion was made to me to enter Kaitlyn, and it did not take me long to act on the suggestion.  I signed her up for the 5k as well.

Now, our Saturday morning is going to be eventful.  We have our 1 mile race at 8am, and get to pretty much leave right after we finish to head to check-in for the next race.  I cannot wait to “pull the double” with Kaitlyn; I know she will do great in both events.



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