Learning Before School

I think it is an understatement to say that Kaitlyn picks up on everything she sees and hears.  Even if it is something she hears in a song.  And right now, her band of choice is Florida-Georgia Line.  We listen to their CD.  A lot.

As we sit in the drop-off line before school, Kaitlyn will pick out certain lyrics in the songs we are listening to and ask me to define what it means (she loves having things defined for her, and she loves to define things for us).

Take, for example, this lyric from their song Cruise:

“In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit.”

In her mind, she hears something about a Chevy with a lift kit, and the first thing she wants to know is what is a lift kit, and why doesn’t my Chevy have one.  Pictured at right is the type of Chevy I drive.  A lift kit is out of the question.  Chevy%20Cobalt%20(Blue)

We were able to move past that lesson really quick, and just in time for song #2, Round Here to start.  She immediately had two questions about the lyrics.

“Stackin’ them bales.”

“And that fireball whiskey whispers…”

Round_hay_bale_at_dawn02The first part of her question was easy enough to answer, thanks to Google.  I pulled up the image on the left and showed it to her, and she was happy that she was now able to visualize what they were singing about.

Answering her question about the other lyrics was a little more difficult.  The best way I could think of to help her visualize what whiskey is (she specifically asked what whiskey is) was to show her.  Needless to say that the whiskey was greeted way less enthusiastically than the bale of hay; she didn’t even take me up on my offer for a taste-test, which is a good thing, because I am not always a big fan of sharing my whiskey.

And of course, she would pick lyrics from one of her favorite songs on the album, It’z Just What We Do, and ask me to define it for her:

“it’s our backwoods, boondocks roots,”

Yep, she wants to know what “backwoods, boondock roots” are.  That’s fun.  The best way I could think of to describe it was to tell her that Amber is from the backwoods, and they are located just a little past the middle of nowhere.

Of course, Kaitlyn’s favorite line from any of their songs is still the combo question and answer:

“Who brought the party?  Damn, that was Florida Georgia Line.”

So maybe what Kaitlyn is learning before school is not always in line with what is being covered in class, but she is still expanding her knowledge base.  As long as what she is learning helps to build on the foundation in place, Amber and I really do not have an issue with her learning about or knowing about these ancillary things she hears in songs or on TV.


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