Off To A Rough Start

I am usually indifferent when it comes to Mondays.  The way I see it, there is no use in complaining about having to go to work, or complaining about having to take Kaitlyn to school.  There are worse things, that’s for sure.

Today, however, got off to a rough start.  A really rough start.  Amber and I are both really worried that what happened will carry over and take up the entire day.

It all started so innocently.  Amber and I were in the kitchen, and Kaitlyn was already dressed for school, so she sat down to catch the last few minutes of Early Today on NBC.  We were going about the usual business of putting the finishing touches on Kaitlyn’s lunch and packing her backpack, not really paying attention to the commercials; Kaitlyn, however, was paying attention.  A commercial for a local store, Our New Baby, prompted the inquiry.

Kaitlyn wanted to head down to the store to buy herself a little sister.  We had to quickly explain to her that having a little sister (or brother) was not as easy as heading down to a “baby store” and picking one up off the shelf, and also that the store she saw the commercial for specialized in baby furniture and clothing, not new babies.  Of course, she was not satisfied at all with that answer.

She began to press Amber about why she does not have a little brother or sister, so we both tried to explain it the best we could.  We pointed out that if she had a little brother or sister, she would no longer get 100% of our attention all the time, but she was undeterred.  We explained to her that if she had a little brother or sister, we could not drive to Destin for the day like we did this past weekend and take her on a shopping spree (the Disney Store people thanked us for making the drive, but she was undeterred.  We pointed out that if she had a little brother or sister, it would be a really long time before we could go on another Disney cruise after this summer, but she was undeterred and said that the baby could stay in the nursery on the ship.  We explained to her that a little brother or sister would spend a lot of time not sleeping, but she was undeterred.  At this point, she was coming up with potential names for a little brother or sister.  Finally, we explained to her that we are lacking in the help department when it comes to having family close to us; we explained to her that she could not just spend a weekend with her grandparents to get some “Kaitlyn time” because we are it for her unless we want to drive at least 5 hours.  She remained undeterred with that news, but did get a little upset by it.  Amber even made a mention of other, more personal reasons, for her being an only child, but that just served to make Kaitlyn even more upset (I know that it was difficult for Amber to share that particular reason with Kaitlyn, and the everyone else will have to wait for my book to come out to find out what reason she gave).

Once Amber left for work, I had Kaitlyn sit with me on the couch to try to get her to calm down some.  She still did not understand and was upset by the entire conversation, with some of the reasons being a little more troubling to her than others.  I finally got her calmed down for a minute, and then she mentioned that two of her best friends at school each have a little sister (one of the two also has a little brother).  She asked me if she could not have a little brother or sister because Amber and I would not love it at all, and I told her that was not the case at all.

We are not sure why Kaitlyn is so lonely all of a sudden.  I think part of it is the fact that she cannot “escape” from us for a few hours, a day, or a weekend to spend some time with family, but that is a fact of life that she will have to accept.  Amber and I have agreed that it would be selfish and wrong to expect anybody to relocate to live by us, and are going to try to refrain from mentioning it to anyone anymore.  I also think part of it is that Kaitlyn really believes that she would be an amazing big sister, and that is very true; I have no doubt in my mind that Kaitlyn would be an extremely caring and loving big sister.

I don’t know how Kaitlyn’s day at school is going to go.  She could forget all about everything from this morning, or she could let it eat at her all day and ruin her day.  I hope she forgets about it, at least until she gets home from school.


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