Should I Be Worried?

Kaitlyn came home early from school Monday sick.  She had a slight fever, so Amber went and picked her up.  As the day progressed, it seemed like she was feeling better, so we fully expected her to go to school Tuesday.  Wrong.

We got her up, fed, and dressed for school, but something was just a little bit “off” all morning.  All she wanted to do was curl up on the couch and rest, so I let her do that until it was time to go.  I had her sit on our ottoman like she usually does to put on her socks and shoes, and she got up almost before she even sat down, and headed straight for her bathroom.  It did not take me long to figure out that school was out of the question.

I immediately called Amber to let her know that Kaitlyn would not be in school and that I could stay home, but she insisted that she could spend the day with her, so she came home.  (We don’t have any family nearby, so when Kaitlyn is sick, it is up to us to figure out how to juggle who gets to miss work that day.  So far we have been fortunate that neither of us had to miss on a day where Kaitlyn was sick, but that is just a matter of time, at which point we will be up a creek with no paddle.)  I checked in a few times during the morning, and Kaitlyn was pretty much doing nothing but sleeping.  Finally at lunch, Kaitlyn felt up to calling me, and she sounded a lot better.  She made it through the rest of the day without incident, and went to school today.

Kaitlyn rarely gets sick, and we are fortunate in that respect.  Every so often, however, she gets one of those spells, like she had Monday and yesterday, where she is just exhausted, and it manifests itself like it did, with a fever, her being lethargic, and some nausea.

I am not worried about any of that.  We have a handle on what to do when her exhaustion becomes sickness.  What I am worried about is something Kaitlyn brought up last night.  I was talking to her about her having missed school (she was little upset) when she brought it up.  She said that she just knew that one of the boys in her class missed her and would be worried about her.  IT is the same boy who I wrote about last week.  Should I be worried that she missed him, and that she is sure that he missed her?  All she talked about last night, and again some this morning, was how she could not wait to get back to school to see him; she would casually mention another friend or two, but always circled back to him.

In the end, I am just happy that she is feeling better today.  I will worry about the other stuff in a few years (hopefully more than a few.  Hopefully, closer to a bunch of years, but we shall see.).



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