Frayed Nerves

lightning-boltThere is nothing better than four straight days of rain to remind Amber and I just how sensitive Kaitlyn is to certain things.  I guess it is not necessarily the rain by itself that is the issue, it is more of the thunder and lightning that are the problems.

We have long known that Kaitlyn is not a fan of loud noises.  Just getting the vacuum out is enough to make her take cover in her room.  Same thing with the lawnmower, leaf blower, or even the drill.  Kaitlyn is very sensitive to loud noises, and when she cannot find a place to take cover when we are using something that makes noise, she tightly holds her hands over her ears.

But nothing frays her nerves quite like a thunderstorm.  The pure terror that she exhibits when a strong thunderstorm is in the area is something that I cannot adequately even describe.  For most of the last four days, any thunder and lightning that has accompanied the rain has been at night, which has meant that Kaitlyn has slept with us for part of the night.  This morning, however, I was just about heartbroken.

Amber and I were getting ready for work, and within seconds after a flash of lightning and a jolt of thunder, we could hear Kaitlyn start to cry.  She was busy eating her breakfast, and I went out to check on her.  When I got to the kitchen, there she was, sitting with her knees to her chest in tears, scared of the thunder.  It did not take long to calm her down, but I knew that she had to finish her breakfast, and I had to get ready for work, so I came up with a solution really quick.  I had her take cover in our family room, under our little bar/counter overhang; it made her feel immediately safe.

Not long after I made it back to the bedroom, I could hear Kaitlyn almost yelling at the TV.  At this point, she had had enough with the weather, and when the Early Today meteorologist Dylan Dreyer was pointing out that we were in for some severe weather today, it set Kaitlyn off.  I cannot say that I blame her at all; I am getting a little tired of all the rain, too.  Al Roker was not spared her wrath, either, when he pointed out our weather for today.

I think at this point, with almost non-stop rain, thunder, and lightning for four days, Kaitlyn’s nerves are about shot.  I can’t say that I blame her, either.

If you are a parent, how does your child respond to thunder and lightning?  What about other loud noises?  How do you deal with their reactions?


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