A Flat-Out Adventure

A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn’s teacher sent home a letter telling us that the class would be participating in a “Flat Stanley” project.  If you are not familiar with the project, students decorate their own “Flat Stanley” and send it to a friend or relative in another city, state, or country.  The person who receives it takes it on a little adventure around their locality and snaps a few pictures along the way; once their part of the adventure is complete, they send it back to the student.  The class is going to track the different adventures on a map to see where all of their different projects went.

We had been on the receiving end of a “Flat Stanley” a few years ago when a friend of ours who is a teacher sent their class project up to us.  If I remember correctly, we took him to the Capitol and around the city a little.  It was a lot of fun.

For several days, we discussed where we were going to send “Flat Kaitlyn.” (Her teacher opted to personalize the project a little bit.)  We thought about sending it to our teacher friend so that she could take it when she went with her family to Lego Land, we discussed sending it to my parents in South Florida for pictures at the beach, thought about sending it to Amber’s mom in Iowa as well (she was not going to be in Iowa to actually get it in the mail, so that was out), but finally, after I had suggested it pretty much from the start, sent it to my cousin in Pittsburgh.  She has a son who is a little older than Kaitlyn, and she is familiar with the concept.

Pitt TrophiesI knew that “Flat Kaitlyn” was unlikely to ride the incline up Mount Washington, but was confident that her adventure would be amazing.  And judging from the pictures that have been texted to tweeted to us, it appears “Flat Kaitlyn” is having a great time.  She enjoyed having her picture taken with 9 Pitt football trophies, and went to the Pitt-Notre Dame basketball game as well.  “Flat Kaitlyn” also had her picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy; more specifically, she had her picture taken with all 6 of the Lombardi Trophies that the Steelers have won.  That is pretty cool.

“Flat Kaitlyn” has had herself quite the adventure!

Flat Kaitlyn with 6 Lombardi Trophies

Flat Kaitlyn with 6 Lombardi Trophies


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