Well, That’s A New One


I am not even really sure where to start on this.  I didn’t think that anybody could be against Fridays.  End of the school week, end of the work week.  What’s not to like?

Leave it to Kaitlyn to find something.  Amber and I were getting ready for work this morning, and Kaitlyn was finishing up brushing her teeth, when we heard the beginnings of a meltdown.  We were both stumped, because Kaitlyn had only been up 20 minutes or so at this point, and it usually takes her a little bit longer to have a meltdown in the morning.

After wading through the tears, and calming her down a little, we were able to decipher what she was mumbling about, and what had upset her.  She declared that she no longer likes Fridays.

Apparently, there is one thing in particular that bothers her about Fridays at school.  And no, it is not the fact that she will not see her friends for two whole days.  What bothers her about Fridays is that some of her classmates want to use the computer in the classroom, and the ask (according to her, they demand) her if they can have a turn.  For some reason, she thinks that she is the only one entitled to use the computer on Friday, or at least use the her “usual” computer.  She did suggest that they could use another computer in the room.

Amber and I tried to reason with her that sharing the computer is the right thing to do, and it is being a good friend.  She really was not buying that at all.  I really don’t know why we are surprised by her attachment to the computer; if we let her, she would be on the computer or iPad non-stop at home.

By the time I dropped her off, she seemed to be over her whole hating Friday meltdown.  It will be interesting to see how today goes, and if another student asks her for a turn on the computer (gasp!).


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