All Kinds of Random

Sometimes, it is difficult to pin down some of the adventures we have with Kaitlyn.  They occasionally manifest themselves as nicely grouped randomness.

Take for example:

*Kaitlyn declared that she cannot listen to the radio in the Chevy.  Only in the Kia.  This all started, I guess, because I don’t usually think to turn the radio on for the 5 minute drive to school each morning.
*North Korea should behave themselves.  She saw on the news this morning that North Korea had tested a nuclear weapon underground, and she thinks that maybe they should behave better.
*The big loser, at least in Kaitlyn’s opinion, of Super Bowl ads is the Axe commercial where the guy beats up a shark.  Kaitlyn is fond of sea animals, and she did not think it was very nice of him to do that.  He probably should have just asked a dolphin to chase the shark off.
*I wish we had thought to keep score while we have watched Jeopardy! these last few weeks as the teens have been competing.  It would be interesting to see how much money Kaitlyn would have accumulated (although she is not really a fan of “Daily Doubles”).
*Apparently there was a little cause for concern regarding Valentine’s Day, and it had to do with the weather.  We are in the middle of three days of rain, at least according to every weather forecast we have seen, but when Kaitlyn saw that it was not supposed to rain Thursday, she was relived that Valentine’s Day was “saved.”  Amber and I were worried there for a second.
*Kaitlyn’s new haircut, which is more of a trim, is finally acceptable to her.  No matter how many times Amber and I told her that she had a beautiful new haircut, it took the validation of her teacher and one of the boys in her class to make her accept it.  She even brushed off the fact that three of the kids in her class apparently did not like it.
*Kaitlyn is a big fan of the country group Florida-Georgia Line.  She especially loves their song “Get Your Shine On,” even though she is not aware of what they are really singing about (hint: not sunshine).  She probably will not be allowed to sing the song at the Tuesday afternoon American Idol they do at school, so it will join Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away as songs that are not necessarily appropriate for that setting.
*For the past few days, the silence in the house that would have normally caused Amber and I to worry has been nothing more than Kaitlyn in her room working through her optional math workbook.  That’s right, she is working to finish a math workbook that is completely optional.
*I accidentally interrupted a planning meeting that she was having with some of her princesses and fairies.  They were talking over which recipes they were going to bake and the order in which they were going to bake them.  My bad.

Amber and I happily embrace all of the quirks and wackiness that make Kaitlyn who she is.  We realize and acknowledge that, at times, Asperger’s will put plenty of obstacles in our way and in Kaitlyn’s way.  We are constantly developing and reworking strategies to maximize Kaitlyn’s growth and development, and it will continue to be a work-in-progress.  When Kaitlyn was first diagnosed with Asperger’s, we had two choices: we could either hide from and deny the truth, or we could embrace it and be better parents.  We chose to embrace it, and are better parents and people for it.


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  1. […] A few weeks back, I wrote about some of Kaitlyn’s musical choices, and how there are some songs that she really enjoys that are not appropriate for her to sing at school (notably “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood and “Get Your Shine On” by Florida-Georgia Line). […]

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