Progressing Nicely

schoolhouse1It seems like Kaitlyn just started back to school after the Christmas break, but she has already reached the halfway point in the current nine-week grading period.  She brought home her midterm report this past Friday, and there were no major surprises, as usual.

In math, she currently has a 98% average.  I am not sure what else we can do at home to help her prepare for the tests she takes in class.  When she has homework, she gets it done pretty quick, and except for the occasional skipping of a question, she answers everything correctly.  Our usual test review the night before the test is me reminding her to take her time, answer all of the questions, and show her work when required.

She is graded on her reading using several different metrics.  On her sight word recognition, she has a score of 126 out of a possible 126.  Her fluency rate, how quickly she reads, is 158 words per minute.  At this point of the school year, students are expected to read at 40-50 words per minute.  If Kaitlyn reads any faster, she will give Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds a run for his money!  Reid

Kaitlyn also has a 100% average in “Imagine It” reading.  It is a unit-based reading curriculum with tests at the end of each unit.  Her Accelerated Reader score is 2.4 right now, with a goal of 5.4.  She is slightly behind her desired pace because she spent a few weeks focusing on reading for the Reach For The Stars Fundraiser the school just had; she ended up raising enough to buy herself four new books (the money raised was split between the school and the student).  Amber and I are not too concerned about her current AR score of 2.4; we suspect that her total was reset at the beginning of the term because she had most likely already surpassed her goal for the year when she had 7.2 points before Christmas break.  For the year, she has 8.8 total points, and resetting her points was a good way to keep her motivated to continue to challenge her to keep reading and taking the AR tests.

Before we know it, the third nine-week grading period will be complete.  Report cards are right around the corner.  It is hard to believe that the school year is over halfway over.


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