Dancing The Night Away

Personally, I am not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, and neither is Amber.  But when Kaitlyn mentioned that she wanted to go to the Father-Daughter Dance at her school, I was on-board immediately.

For about two weeks, all she talked about was the dance.  She was really excited, and as it got closer, I started to get pretty excited, too.  Last week, Amber took her shopping to pick out her outfit for the dance.  She picked out a very beautiful outfit: a pink dress, shimmering silver shoes, a pink headband, and other accessories.  Little did she know that she had one more accessory to add once we got to the dance.

I had to juggle my work schedule a little to be able to get off in time to make it home, get dressed, and get to the dance.  Luckily my staff at work was more than happy to help me out with that.  I made it home in plenty of time, and when I walked in the door, Kaitlyn was already in the process of getting dressed.  It did not matter that we were not going to leave for more than an hour.

Kaitlyn picked out the tie I was going to wear, and not surprisingly, it was the same tie that she picked as one of my Christmas presents.  I got dressed, we took some pictures, and it was off to the dance.

As soon as we got to the school, it was time to pickup Kaitlyn’s final accessory…her corsage.  The PTO had arranged a deal with a local florist for us to order corsages that would be picked up at the dance.  Kaitlyn’s was pink and white.

Almost as soon as we got there, Kaitlyn found her BFF, and for the first part of the night, danced with her and another friend.  The dads were stuck off to the side, basically pulling Secret Service detail to make sure one of our kids did not escape.  I was able to corral Kaitlyn long enough to take a few pictures, and then she actually let me dance with her.

I am not sure what type of music I was expecting, but it seemed like I was at a Taylor Swift concert.  I did not know a single one of the songs of hers they played, but some of the other dads did (good for them, I guess).  They also played a little swing music, which Kaitlyn loved; she particularly enjoyed when I would pick her up high in the air.  We danced to a slow song that none of the kids knew, but all of the dads had to have recognized.

There were door prized raffled off, but we did not win anything (no Princess pedicure, rats), one or two more dances, and then Kaitlyn was ready to go.  We left a little bit early, so we capped off our night with some frozen yogurt at Nuberri.

All in all, our first Father-Daughter Dance is one that I will remember for a long time, and I hope that Kaitlyn will, too.


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