Questioning The Answers

For as long as I can remember, Kaitlyn has been a big fan of the TV show Jeopardy!  We have pictures of her as a baby, laying on the floor watching the show, and pictures of her standing right in front of the TV reading the answers as they pop up on the screen.

The two weeks or so have been the teen tournament on the show.  Naturally, the answers and resulting questions are a little easier for adults who are watching at home, but they are still challenging for the teens on the show.  Thus, it would stand to reason that they would be difficult for a 6 year-old.  Jeopardy!_Season_21

But every night, as we are watching the teen tournament, we sit and observe Kaitlyn keeping up with the contestants on the show.  Ok, maybe not keeping up and being able to respond to every clue, but she responds to enough of them to make us take notice.  She will pass on the more difficult ones, but that is to be expected.

Last night, however, she left Amber and I both in awe and laughing to ourselves.  I am not sure of the exact category or the wording of the clue, but I will try to paint the picture the best I can.

508px-California_county_map_(San_Francisco_County_highlighted)_svgOne of the clues was a clue that was visual in nature, and the screen showed the contestants a map of California similar to the one on the left.  As Alex Trebek read the clue, the question to the answer he was reading had to do with identifying the city that was marked on the map (the little red dot on the map shown here), but not labeled.  Without missing a beat, and before any contestant could ring in, Kaitlyn nonchalantly answered, “San Francisco,” and proceeded to head down the hall to brush her teeth.  Basically, she gave the “walk-off” response, and was correct.  At least one of the contestants on the show gave the wrong response.

The fact that Kaitlyn answered so quickly with the correct answer had us shaking our heads, and when she walked off like she owned the place, we had no choice but to start laughing.  She never really ceases to amaze us.

A few minutes later, Amber told me that Kaitlyn mentioned to her that she would like to be a contestant on Jeopardy! one day, so we looked up when she was eligible.  We have not broken the news to her yet that she cannot take the test to be on the show until she is 10, so it looks like she has a few more years of gathering knowledge before she is allowed to take the test.  I told Amber that while I am sure that she would do great if she were to be on the show, I had my concerns that Kaitlyn’s propensity to blurt out answers would not serve her well.  She does good enough in class at raising her hand to answer questions, so maybe it is not out of the realm of possibility for her to be able to transfer that to a show like Jeopardy!, but you never know.  Of course, a lot can change over the next few years, and she may not even want to try to go on the show.  Whatever she decides, we are behind her all the way.



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