This Could Be Bad

Hopefully today will be an uneventful day for Kaitlyn.  Hopefully she will behave in school and do what she is supposed to do.  Hopefully this morning was not a sign of things to come today; if not, this could be a bad day.

Amber and I do not necessarily walk around on eggshells around Kaitlyn.  If we did, nothing would ever get done at our house.  But, we just never know what is going to set her off.  Take this morning for example.

Amber was getting Kaitlyn’s lunch together, but did not have time to finish before she was being summoned to the bathroom to brush Kaitlyn’s hair.  That left finishing lunch preparations in my hands.  Easy enough.  I make Kaitlyn’s lunch a lot, so I was pretty sure I could handle it.  I finished up her lunch, which basically consisted of picking out the snack that would accompany her sandwich; I settled on kettle corn.

Apparently, the topic of her morning snack came up during the brushing of the hair, because by the time Amber made it back out to the kitchen, Kaitlyn was in full-blown meltdown mode, and Amber was modifying the snack she had chosen.  She had chosen for Kaitlyn’s snack something very healthy, and something that Kaitlyn had picked out at the grocery store herself: celery.

Usually when Kaitlyn eats celery, she eats it without anything on it.  Occasionally, she will want peanut butter on it.  Today was one of those days, and apparently Amber should have just known that ahead of time.  She did not, but there she was, dutifully spreading peanut butter on celery this morning.

The best we could hope for is that Kaitlyn forgets all about the lack of peanut butter on her celery as it was originally packed and be happy that Amber fulfilled her request.  It could go the other way though, and be like the sandwich she just had to have last week, but did not like at all.  She just had to have a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and Amber and I both knew before it was made that she would not eat it; past experience had clued us in.

Kaitlyn did not bring up the celery incident the rest of the morning, so maybe it was just a minor bump in the road.  Even if she does get upset, hopefully she will remember that her “big sister” Jen is picking her up today for a special afternoon.


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