Out Of The Blue

There is no way that Amber or I could have seen it coming.  No way at all.  But when it comes to Kaitlyn, we have learned to never rule anything out completely.

A few weeks before Christmas, we had to get a new car for Amber.  We had no choice, really, unless she was going to be riding around in something that may just turn into a three-wheeler at any moment.  Amber looked long and hard and did a lot of research before she settled on what she wanted.  I set up a test drive for her, and she was sold.  We had our new family vehicle, a Kia Sorento.

The Kia came nicely loaded, including a three-month subscription to Sirius Radio.  Amber was overjoyed because it has stations devoted solely to playing country music without commercials, and one of them plays music from pre-2000.  For my part, I was able to convince her to program channel 22, Pearl Jam radio, in so that I could occasionally catch a song or two of theirs.

The first time I put on Pearl Jam radio with Kaitlyn in the car, she was not happy at all.  A lot of what is played on there is from their concerts, so it displays the location of where the particular song was being played.  Kaitlyn felt like they were just “showing off” and “making fun” of the other artists in boasting about where the song was performed.  Plus, she did not know what Pearl Jam looked like, so she was not sold on them at all.  Pearl+Jam

For a few weeks, I kept telling her that I would show her a picture when we got home, and I would ultimately forget.  It really was not that big of a deal to me at all.  One day, we were driving and I put on their channel, and Kaitlyn started up about not knowing what they looked like.  We had just stopped at one of the many lengthy red lights in town, so I quickly pulled a picture up on my phone and showed it to her.  I had no idea what her response would be, but she at least knew what they looked like and stopped complaining for a minute.  I figured I was good to put their channel on anytime I wanted going forward since she knew what they looked like.

I was right.  In fact, I was more right than I thought.  Now, every time we get in the car, she asks to listen to Pearl Jam radio.  We usually listen for a song or two, and then put on some country to make Amber happy.  The fact that Kaitlyn now requests something other than country is completely out of the blue, especially since that is pretty much all that she has heard for her entire life.  I am still trying to figure out what makes me happier, Kaitlyn’s insistence on hearing a Pearl Jam song or two, or Amber changing her Facebook cover photo (to one of Josh Beckett, of course) because “pitchers and catchers report soon.”


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