100 DaysTime sure flies when you are having fun.  Today is Kaitlyn’s 100th day of school for the year.  And, unlike last year when she was only a 99-percenter, Kaitlyn has been in school every single day.  Remarkable.

The class will be doing several special activities today to mark the milestone.  Kaitlyn brought in marshmallows to contribute to the class trail mix (100 pieces each maybe?), and proudly carried her 100 day poster board to school this past Monday.

The poster board she made (with Amber’s help) is pretty much what we expected it would be, considering the one thing that has gotten and maintained her attention like nothing else recently.  No, not Rainbow Magic books, but that would have been a good guess.  Kaitlyn’s poster is all Disney (disclaimer here: her rendition of her selected character does not too closely resemble the actual character, and we seek no financial gain from her poster).  She tied in our summer vacation (Disney cruise) with her love of coins.  She made a Mickey Mouse (head and ears only) that was outlined with 100 pennies.  She colored the area inside of the pennies black.  It really is a neat creation.

Amber and I consider ourselves lucky that Kaitlyn rarely, if ever, needs convincing to get up to go to school.  That is not to say that she is happy to be up when I first get her out of bed (funny that Amber somehow manages to not have to deal with the initial grumpiness), but she gets moving pretty quick.

We have a pretty solid routine each morning, and no morning is complete without Kaitlyn screaming bloody murder when it comes time to brush her hair.  We have a checklist we run through before we pull out of the driveway, too.

After today, there are only 80 days left in the school year.  Hopefully the next 80 go as well as the first 100 did (she was only on yellow a few times through the first 99 days).  It’s hard to believe that the end of 1st grade is right around the corner.


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  1. […] she had in her first two years (kindergarten, first grade), Kaitlyn has been excellent with her attendance.  To date, she has missed just one day, and that […]

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