Sometimes, You Just Have To Laugh

No matter how hard it is not to laugh, sometimes a situation just calls for one of those gut-busting laughs that makes you feel like you just did about 500 sit-ups.  Sunday, we had a combination of circumstances that left us laughing when we probably should not have been.

Sometime Sunday afternoon, Kaitlyn decided that it would be a good idea for her to put on one of her fancy Disney princess outfits (dress and shoes) so that we could “practice” our dancing for the upcoming daddy-daughter dance at her school.  Because I was in the middle of making dinner (delicious and tender pork chops, by the way), our practice would have to wait for a little bit.  Kaitlyn did not mind at all, and continued parading around the house in her beautiful dress and her princess shoes.

Amber and I were in the family room when we heard it.  The distinctive crash and bang of yet another Kaitlyn incident.  More specifically, it was the crash and bang of Kaitlyn tripping and falling, again (most likely, she just fell.  The girl has no balance at all).  And because she has all of the grace of a bull in a China shop, Kaitlyn fell directly on to her backside, without even putting her arms out to try to catch the pending fall (at just shy of 4 feet tall, it is not exactly a long way down).  The thump was immediately followed by the bellow that she had fallen and hurt herself.  Apparently, she has trouble wearing her princess shoes on anything that is not carpet.  She shook off the fall in about 20 seconds and went on her way.

After dinner, we practiced our dancing for a while, and then Kaitlyn decided to change out of her dress.  And the circumstances of what happened next still baffle me.

Not long after she headed toward her room, we heard the crash and bang again.  Amber was in the kitchen, so I was the first responder this time.  When I got to the scene of the accident, which was in the hallway right outside her bedroom, Kaitlyn was crying, and had her dress at her ankles.  After confirming that she was ok, I asked her what happened.  Apparently, she thought it was a great time-saving idea to start taking her dress off as she walked, and the result was that her dress tripped her.  I didn’t lose it right then, but it was close.  It was when she whined, “that is the second time today!” that I could not contain myself anymore.  I laughed for a good 5 minutes, and Amber and Kaitlyn both joined in on the fun.

In our house, we have no choice but to assess each accident as they happen.  Because Kaitlyn is so clumsy, we never know if an accident is the result of something serious, or whether or not she tripped on her dress again or ran into the wall again for no reason (Amber and Kaitlyn both seem to think that I move the walls around just so they will run into them).  Sometimes, laughter is really the best medicine when the inevitable accident happens.


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