An Elephant And A Shark

Yesterday, we had our second appointment of our follow-up with the psychologist who initially diagnosed Kaitlyn with Asperger’s.  All part of the process, I guess.  The purpose of this second round of visits (the first was back in November) was to compare Kaitlyn’s progress from then to now, and to set new benchmarks going forward.  We will be receiving a detailed report soon, which I am sure Amber and I will have to read several times each, just like last time.  We are getting better at reading and deciphering different tests and evaluations and their results.

The appointment yesterday, unlike the one in November, was a one-on-one with Kaitlyn and the doctor.  Back in November, it was the three of us together.  Kaitlyn wanted us to come in the room when the session was getting underway, and we stayed just long enough to let her get comfortable.  The doctor later told us that she did not even know we left the room.  Amber and I had the joy of sitting in the waiting room during the session.  For nearly two hours.

elephant-blowing-water-from-trunk-in-Addo-Park-Eastern-Cape-South-Africa-WLAt the end of the session, Kaitlyn opened the door and waved us in.  We were given a brief overview of what he went over with her, and he shared some of her responses to different questions.  Amber and I were not surprised, either, when he disclosed to us that some of her answers took him by surprise; to hear a trained psychologist who sees countless patients over the course of a year and during his career say that our 6-year-old had surprised him with her responses was nice to hear.  He told us that some of her responses were what he would expect from patients way older than she is.

He also shared with us how she would describe us, if she were to compare us to an animal.  I figured this would be good, and I was not let down.  For Amber, Kaitlyn said that she would be an elephant.  She picked an elephant because they are fun, and because then Amber could spray her with water from her trunk.  Interesting.  And if were not obvious from her selecting Amber as an elephant what I would be, then I guess maybe you were not paying attention.  Clearly, I would be a shark in Kaitlyn’s opinion!  She chose shark for me because I like to scare people (I do get a kick out of scaring both of them) and because Kaitlyn would get to chase me (she would be a dolphin, by the way, and dolphins are fearless when it comes to taking on sharks).  So there you have it, our family consists of an elephant (Amber), a shark (me), and a dolphin (Kaitlyn).  I am sure that Kaitlyn would be happy to assign you an animal that you can be.  All you have to do is ask.  And don’t be surprised when you are a lemur and your spouse is a falcon, because, like elephants and sharks, lemurs and falcons are logically connected.  Tiger_shark

I am off to scare some people!


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