First Grade, Second Report Card


Kaitlyn brought home her second report card of the year yesterday, and there was not anything that could even remotely be considered a “surprise” on it.  Unlike her first report card of the year, this one gave Amber and I a solid idea on how she has been doing in school.

Her Performance Codes and Grade-Level Codes were an “E” in every subject area, except for music (she got an “S” in music), meaning she either “very consistently demonstrates” a skill (Performance Codes) or “extends/applies in many ways” a skill (Grade-Level).  Performance Codes consider things like her behavior and listening skills, and how she works with others in class.  Things that Amber and I, through our unique parenting approach, would expect her to excel in.  The Grade-Level Codes measure performance in each individual subject area, and also include a numbered (1-3) effort level.

In each subject area, including her one “S” level of music, she earned a rating of 3, meaning that she is consistently giving effort in the subject.

During the second nine weeks, Kaitlyn was in school each of the 39 days, and has been in school all 83 days through the end of the nine weeks.  (As of today, Kaitlyn has been in attendance in each of the 92 days of the school year so far, and is quickly approaching what she did last year, when she was in school for 99 of the first 100 days.)  If there is one thing that fuels this, it is Kaitlyn’s dependence on and adherence to a strict routine; no, she is not always happy to wake up before the sun to eat breakfast and start her day, but she does it each and every day.

Because she has set the bar so high with each report card that has come home since kindergarten, the area I look forward to reviewing is the teacher and principal comments section.  There were not many surprises there, either.  According to her teacher, “Kaitlyn has shown wonderful growth in all academic areas.  She continues to read fluently and is reading with more expression.  She did a fantastic job of surpassing her AR (Accelerated Reader) goal (it was 4.3 points and she got 7.2 points, which is a huge jump considering the most she can get from each test is 1 point).  She is understanding and applying the math concepts that are taught and is able to complete tasks independently.” (The italics above show my comment regarding the AR goal)

If this keeps up, and Amber and I expect it to, we are going to run out of wall space before Kaitlyn gets to middle school.  With this report card, she brought home certificates for making the honor roll, for perfect attendance, and for citizenship.  That is three more items that we will have to buy frames for and hang on the wall in her room.

Amber and I could not be more proud of the job that Kaitlyn is doing in school.  She tries her hardest each and every day, and the results are indicative of her efforts.  At some point soon, she will have to be challenged more in school to make sure that she stays motivated and on-track.


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