I Know I Am Unprepared

Sometimes, even the most benign items or events are opportunities for me to learn something.  Kaitlyn is always happy to provide me with an education.  She is sweet like that.

This morning, I was reminded that I am very unprepared for events that are in the way-too-near-future in my opinion.

Kaitlyn was rifling through her backpack while we were waiting for drop off, and she came across a few cotton balls that had fallen off a Santa project she had done before Christmas.  And that is where my lesson began.

She started using the cotton balls to “apply” her makeup.  As she was going through the motions, she was asking me what type of makeup she was putting on.  I have to admit, I got a few wrong.  She was more than happy to educate me on the different types of makeup she was applying.

The whole episode got me to thinking.  It won’t be too long before she will actually want to wear makeup.  I am woefully unprepared for that day.  I don’t know that I will ever really be prepared for that day.

Slowly but surely, my little girl is growing up.  It is scary to me that she is only a few Presidential campaigns from being able to cast her own vote.  It is scary to me that she will be old enough to drive in less than 10 years (scary not only because of her turning 16, but scary in that I have seen the results of her driving a toy car before, and it was not pretty).

Part of me wants to slow time down, and part of me cannot wait to be able to share so many amazing experiences with her.  I am unprepared for what lies ahead as she grows up, and I am really and truly in no rush to reach the next milestone.

For now, I am happy to be completely lost when she pretends to put her makeup on in the car before school.


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