Getting Packed Up

There is still quite a bit of time before we go on our cruise this summer.  But it is an effort in futility to try to get that across to Kaitlyn.  She is very excited about the trip.

She is so excited, in fact, that she has already started packing.  I had done a good job, I thought, last week of convincing her that she could wait to pack.  She made a packing list instead.  And what a list it was.  But the good job that I thought I did of delaying her effort to pack her bags lasted about a week or so.

Usually when Kaitlyn disappears into her bedroom for a little while, Amber and I do not worry too much.  Except for when it gets really quiet for an extended period of time.  Then it is time to worry.  Last night was one of those times.  Over the course of less than 10 minutes, she had managed to go into her room, get out the beach bag that came with one of her cruise clues, and begin to pack.  She had bathing suits, flip-flops, and at least one sundress in the bag, ready to go.

It is going to be a long five months or so, and that is becoming more and more evident every day.  Besides her starting to pack last night, she also had Amber video her Wednesday night as she made her own cruise “commercial.”  It’s hard to classify it as a commercial, though; due to the length of the videos (that’s right, there is more than one), I would say that she recorded cruise infomercials.

Over the course of two videos spanning more than 7 minutes, Kaitlyn goes in to great detail about the different ships and their features, dining on the ships, on-board and shore activities, and everything in between.  She even proclaimed that she would ride the AquaDuck at least twice a day, with one of those times being at midnight (she plans on sneaking out of our stateroom to go for a ride, but I think Amber and I will be able to foil that plan).

Between now and our cruise date, and most certainly after we get back, if you have anything that you would like to know about a Disney cruise, let me know.  I will be happy to compile a list of questions for Kaitlyn to answer.  She already knows a ton about their cruises, and she will only learn more over the next few months.



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